What makes a project extreme? Good question. The best answer comes from your experience. If you can explain what makes your project extreme in a succinct and meaningful way, your entry just may win in the qualifying round. Take a look at your portfolio and see if there are any projects that made you think outside the box to make the graphic come to life.

Here are some suggestions to get you thinking about your entry:

Extreme Technique

Did you work on a project that required an extremely complicated technique? Perhaps you had to get creative and come up with your own solution to make the project work. Maybe you used an interesting tool.

Extreme Equipment

Did you get creative with the equipment you hired to do the graphics installation? Maybe there was a tricky scissor lift, a boom truck or lift equipment involved.

Extreme Situation

Have you had to install around tall trees? What about in an area surrounded by water? We even heard about an overhead installation above a patio of people and a wet application two storeys in the air on a domed glass surface. This can also include an extremely large project and extremely tight timelines.

Extreme Distance

Articulating while installing is extremely difficult, and it is compounded when the installation is very high up or very far away.

Extreme Curves

Installing graphics on a helmet or mask is extremely challenging due to extreme curves. This often applies to challenging cars and/or vans that require extreme stretch to complete the job.

Extreme Precision

Did you complete a full colour change on a high value luxury car that involved taking off every door handle and mirror and resulted in absolutely no cut marks on the vehicle? Maybe you had to wrap something like a mannequin or a very small item that required fine motor skills.

Extreme Creativity

Many times fabricators' and installers' artistic sides come out to satisfy the client. Perhaps you worked on a project like an extremely complicated car wrap involving knifeless designs or a unique combination of products that helped overcome a complicated customer issue. Both would be considered extreme.

Extreme Examples