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Single unit crowns are vital to your clinical success and bottom line - but they can be tricky. For a crown to just drop into place and stay cemented, you have to do a lot of things right. That is why 3M has simplified every step of the crown and bridge procedure. You will reduce the chance for error and shorten procedure time by using our proven products that require less steps. Simpler is so much better!

Discover how less steps and products designed to work together can help you reap more benefits on a clinical, professional, and personal level.

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Post & Core

We cut a long story short!

The endodontic procedure can be very complex. Our post and core solution streamlines the procedure and helps deliver predictable, robust outcomes – from root to core. Learn more


A great fit should
never be a surprise

The impressioning procedure is the key to success for the final restoration. Our impressioning solution helps you retract tissue gently, capture precise detail and move through your day with speed & control. Learn more


Precision and shine every time

A good temporary should leave both you and your patient feeling confident. Our temporization solution provides a simple and clean way to create strong, good-looking provisional restorations. Learn more

Digital Restoration

Innovative materials, precise fit

The two biggest reasons for crown and bridge remakes are fit and colour match. Our simple zirconia restoration solution allows you to prescribe high strength, accurate colour match crowns with minimal tooth preparation. Strong and esthetic zirconia restorative systems, available from your lab, that work smile after smile. Learn more


Keep it Simple

Cementation is a vital part of the procedure. Your cement needs to have high-bond strength, good performance and be simple to use. Our leading 3M™ RelyX™ Cements are optimized to streamline procedures while providing predictable outcomes. Learn more

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