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Reveal Your True Smile

Visibly clear and stain resistant technology keeps your smile shining brightly.

Polaroids Before and After

Actual patient treated with Clarity™ Clear Braces

Let Clarity™ Clear Braces give you back your confidence

Clarity™Advanced Clear Braces straighten teeth using ceramic translucent brackets designed to blend in with the natural colour of your teeth.

No staining

Clarity™ braces have been designed to resist staining and discoloration over your course of treatment.

Minimal visibility

Clarity™ braces are translucent and smooth. They blend with your natural tooth colour providing virtually unnoticeable treatment.

Smile with confidence

A perfect balance of science and design, Clarity™ braces will deliver a smile you have always dreamed of.

Advantages of Clarity™ Clear Braces

teeth are crooked

Virtually Unnoticeable

teeth are crowded

Treats most conditions

teeth are spaced out

Always in. Always working.

teeth are off-centre

Small and flat brackets for a comfortable fit.

Facts and Myths about Braces


Only kids wear braces.


Studies show that 1 in 5 orthodontic patients is an adult, and braces can correct your teeth at any age.


If I wear braces, I can’t play sports.


Braces are comfortable and won’t stop you from doing the things you love, including playing sports. Your dentist or orthodontist may tell you that you need a mouth guard, which will keep you from cutting your cheeks on your braces.


If I wear braces, I won’t be able to play an instrument.


You can still play instruments with 3M™ Clarity™ Braces. Your orthodontist might suggest a lip protector or mouth guard, which can be made specifically for playing wind instruments.


Braces hurt all the time.


Your teeth and gums will probably feel a bit tender for about a week after you have your braces put on, but after that, you will probably forget they are there!


Braces will cut my cheeks and gums.


3M™ Clarity™ Braces are comfortable, small, and smooth, so they won’t irritate the inside of your mouth.


I won’t be able to eat my favourite foods if I have braces.


While you have braces, you’ll want to stick to foods that are softer, and avoid foods that are sticky, crunchy, hard, or chewy. But that means that you can still eat pizza, ice cream, mac & cheese, and many other favourites!


Braces will look really obvious.


3M™ Clarity™ Braces are made to be nearly invisible – we’ve come a long way from the traditional metal braces. You can even choose to accessorize your 3M™ Clarity™ Braces with coloured elastics to customize your look!


Braces are just for cosmetic or vanity reasons.


Braces can improve the overall health of your mouth and prevent serious infection down the line – crowded or uneven teeth can affect your ability to chew, cut your gums or cheeks, cause jaw pain, headaches, and muscular tension, and affect your confidence.

Life doesn’t have to stop when wearing 3M™ Clarity™ Braces

At the age of 19, Georgia made the decision to straighten her teeth and correct her bite with Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces. Watch her journey in this seven part series.

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